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ČMA 17. 6. 2021

A new leading team at the head of CEC European Managers

The General Assembly of CEC European Managers has elected a new Executive Board for the next three years (f.l.t.r.): Maxime Legrand (President), Torkild Justesen (Secretary General), Ebba Öhlund (Treasurer) and Marco Vezzani (Dep. Secretary General).

„Managers‘ professional commitment is indispensable if we want our societies to continue thriving in increasingly uncertain times. And it is our precise intention to have their voice heard even louder in Europe, and everywhere their work makes a difference” said Maxime Legrand.

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Activity Report 2018-2021: Solid Foundations for Changing Times

The new Activity Report highlights CEC European Managers’ main achievements in the areas of social dialogue, policy advocacy and membership activities. With the end of the mandate of President Ludger Ramme and his team, it is an occasion to look back at the successful last years.

Besides positioning itself as a leading voice on Sustainable Leadership, CEC has also contributed to shaping political developments on gender equality, digitalisation and employment, among others.

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Report: Mainstreaming Gender Equality in European Leadership

To contribute to the ongoing debate on how to secure gender equality in our societies, CEC European Managers has published a report on gender in leadership that features key policy and managerial recommendations.

„When self-regulation does not bring about change at the right pace, targeted legislative measures setting quotas to ensure a minimum presence of the underrepresented gender in company boards are needed” commented Ebba Öhlund, board member of CEC.

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Tackling unprecedented employment and mental health crisis

Eurofound’s new “Living, working and COVID-19“ report depicts a European mental health crisis linked to a record number of people losing their job. The alarming research is based on a large-scale survey among 190 000 participants across the EU, with similar trends observable in all Member States.

Social partners, managers and policy-makers now have to prioritize creating more fertile framework conditions for mental health and job security. As women are disproportionally hit, the gender dimension needs stronger attention.

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Members‘ News

ULA Germany

New board elected

ULA has elected a new board, headed by Roland Angst, senior manager and manager representative at Deutsche Telekom.

„The new world of work poses various challenges to politics, business and workers. We need a better framework for protection, but just as much for flexibility for new paths“ Roland Angst said when taking office.

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CFE-CGC France

Congratulations to new President of CEC

As Maxime Legrand, National Delegate at CFE-CGC, becomes new President of CEC European Managers, the French founding member of CEC looks forward to the coming years.

Strengthening social dialogue, improving policy advocacy and supporting managers in their everyday work will prove key.

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CIDA Italy

Action on Gender Pay Gap

CIDA proposes to reduce the quite significant gender gap in salaries by two strands of action.

First, putting in place corrective measures to favour a cultural change with regards to the Gender Pay Gap, including adapted social protection. Second, adopting operational tools for equal pay such as transparency rules.

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CCP Spain

Fraud in aluminium industry

In an interview with Argus, The Secretary General of CCP, Juan Antonio González, sheds light on investigations about fraudulous practices in Spain’s Aluminium industry.

The trade union of managers has asked the tribunal to investigate further on how the Alcoa company has benefitted from irregular restructurings.

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Female Leaders of the Future

Ledarna’s event Framtidens kvinnliga ledare (The Female Leaders of the Future) celebrated 15 years in May.

The list compiles 75 top female executives from different sectors. The purpose of the activity is to turn the notion of leadership as a male arena upside down, meanwhile highlighting top talent and strong leadership.

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