Webinar: Why ROI Selling doesn’t have to be hard

About this webinar
If you want to win deals quickly and at the right price, it’s essential to quantify the cost the buyer incurs with the status quo, and the value of moving to your solution. When you don’t present your value and ROI effectively, you will lose deals unnecessarily to no-decision, budget will be shifted to other projects or priorities, or you will only win with substantial discounts.
Although presenting your solution’s ROI would seem an obvious step in any substantial sales opportunity, salespeople rarely attempt this exercise!
What You Will Learn

In this session, we will explore the following topics about ROI selling:

  1. At what stages in the sales process can ROI quantification be most effective?
  2. When do you not need an ROI?
  3. What barriers prevent sales organizations from effectively adopting ROI selling?
  4. Which types of organizations tend to succeed in operationalizing ROI selling, and which ones do not?
  5. What are the negative effects of not employing value selling across a sales organization?
  6. How do you calculate an ROI in the most basic form?
  7. What are best practices in showing your ROI visually?

A methodology for ROI selling in your business will be presented during this session.

Live online Feb 11 5:00 pm Czech Republic – Prague
or after on demand 45 mins

Presented by:
Phillip Kreindler, The Winning Complex Sales Expert w/guest, Mike Genstil – CEO of Visualize ROI

Recommended by:
Zdeněk Bílek , Senior Partner Infoteam Services , Ambasador ČMA

  • Live onlineFeb 11 5:00 pm Czech Republic - Prague or after on demand 45 mins

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